Gespräche mit Kafka

00 L0A4985 w b

Book cover and text layout on this editorial project with references to the Audiobook. This book on Franz Kafka’s conversations with Gustav Janouch holds a collection of their dialogues.

Webstore + Corporate design for tchill

00 mockup Zummer Web 02

Complete Identity job on this brand new product called tchill and its mother company Zummer – from the logo to the Online-Shop. This new inflatable air lounger, quickly inflate by swinging the lightweight bag to create a life size air lounger and deflate to take it with you to new locations. A true travel must-have! […]

Identity System for New Wave

00 MG 7312

Corporate design for New Wave, a worldwide aquatic and aquarium applications company based in Germany.The flexible identity can change its appearance of its interior such as an aquarium, due to its capacity of mutation. This concept emerged from the need to generate further logo states. Business Cards with the logo in raised spot gloss – […]

Art Exhibition Identities for Sales

Sales gif1

Posters for different painting exhibition of the artist Sales (Brussels, Porto and Braga). BRAGA, Setra. His masterpieces are the result of the need to express feelings and thoughts. In this sense the poster came to life through one of his sketches (the image in the middle above) that is shown at the exhibition, filled out […]

Minority Denim – Year Book

00aa M Denim L0A5122 w

One year, one mood. Different collections, different rhythms. Showroom brochure for a denim development company with the graphic concept of creating unique environments for each collection.

Arts Labyrinth – ID + Brochure

00 GIF Labirinto das Artes

Identitarie Logo and Brochure Design, of this project called “Labirinto das Artes”, which means “Labyrinth of the Arts”. It is a museum that in form of a labyrinth guides the visitors through the different art eras. SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave