Webstore + Corporate design for tchill

Complete Identity job on this brand new product called tchill and its mother company Zummer – from the logo to the Online-Shop.

This new inflatable air lounger, quickly inflate by swinging the lightweight bag to create a life size air lounger and deflate to take it with you to new locations. A true travel must-have! Take a look at the video below.

01 bag preview
Three steps of the payment.

To visit this site online click here.

02 tchill logo outline

The lettering was drawn exclusively for this project, transmitting the way to to relax in a cool young manner.

As seen below the lettering was applied on a tropical styled badge to be used on the product. Its sunny color in accordance to the pocket, worked out perfectly on each color variation.

03 banner tchill

The flyer below was made for the launching campaign, double sided, promoting the product and announcing the calendar of events.

04 Flyer tchill

Here, you can find the identity work for Zummer.