Pantea — Packaging

The aim of this project was to enter the Czech Young Package competition, with an original package for Tea and I ended up kind of reinventing the way we use and make our tea. I imagined that the tea could be packed in capsules so that the usage would be even simpler. The capsule would be of paper and everything would be eco-friendly, even the Tea would be sorted by its color Pantones instead by its flavor.

Pantea is the revolutionary new way of experiencing tea. Ideal to drink tea anywhere you want. This tea has the particularity to be cataloged according to the Pantone color palette, in this way it earns a visual flavor.
To make tea, simply screw the capsule to the tap and choose how hot or cold you want your Pantea. The only thing you still need to do is to fill up your cup or mug. At the end you can easily recycle the paper cap, as well as the rest of the package.

young packaging design competition 2012

02 Pantea

03 Pantea

04 Pantea

05 Pantea

06 Pantea