Dossier Nozes de Prata

This dossier in the form of a magazine, has a cover overlay which reflects the logo in the form of a roof and it houses the index of this publication.

Being a supplementary organization of the school Casa ao Lado, the Nozes de Prata acts in the arrangement of pedagogic events for all ages.
The dossier introduces and announces the annual program of activities and reveals the possible conditions for supporters.

01 L0A5490

02 L0A5502

03 L0A5403

04 L0A5498

05 L0A5405

06 L0A5781

07 L0A5782

08 L0A5406

09 L0A5783

10 L0A5788

11 L0A5789

12 L0A5791

13 L0A5792

14 L0A5793