Define New Ambitions

With all global crisis that surround us nowadays — financial, human … some people forget one of their own crisis, that is not less important – the identity crisis. This is the subject explored in this poster.

The characters face represents the concept of identity – a fingerprint. The message is clear: its necessary to take position against the increasing standardisation of mankind with the appeal — Define New Ambitions; it is supposed to work as a reminder to the world. The initials of these three words form the abbreviation DNA which is the reminder of the main message, in representation of element that makes us unique.

This poster was conceived for the 23ᵉ Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme in Chaumont – France. It was silk printed by hand, with a total production of ten posters.

This poster poster was exhibited at:
Open Week ESAD
Exposição de Finalistas
Portofolio GradShow